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Placemat advertising at local restaurants allows you to maximum impact of your target audience at a low costs. Advertising on placemats, allows each customer to view your ad for approximately 20 minutes while dining. Typically, tabletop advertisements are seen by at least 5,000 potential customers in your target area, and the placemats are usually displayed on tables for a period of several months.

Goldhen offers a unique way to advertise with local restaurants allowing maximum marketing of your business at low costs. Advertising on menus, allows each customer to not only view your ad but take it with them.  Because your ad is on the menu’s for the duration of the menu which generally lasts 6 to 12 months your business is being branded into the mind of your target customers.

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Goldhen Advertising has hooked up with Stephanie Moyer of Xdream Designs to provide the best graphic design for your marketing. All menus and ads are custom designed based on your needs and the layout of the menu. Each design is unique and visually appealing.

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About Us

Goldhen Advanced Advertising is proud to provide businesses with an inexpensive way to market their own business in a stylish and productive way. By offering restaurants high end, custom designed menus and placemats at little or no cost to them through local business advertising.


Our Services Include:

• Custom Design

• High Volume Advertising

• Multiple Area Choices

• Personal Attention to Your Advertising Needs

• Full Color Menu Ads for Take-out & Inhouse Menus

• Placemat Advertising

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